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Ecommerce has become one of the leading trading ways nowadays and kept gaining speed in development. There is a variety of methods to improve an online store from offering discount to dishonest ways to attract customers. However, we are ready to present the most honest and efficient solution.

CS Cart software is the most functional move to make an online store more effective. This service combines a wide range of functions required by many small stores or even big full-featured corporates.

The software includes many aspects to ease running of an online store and make it profitable. One of them is ecommerce shopping cart software, which presents the possibility to improve shopping cart program. This feature offers solutions to create more convenient and good-looking section in your online store catalogue.

Added Features

easy e-commerce software

Improved backend

Our version of CS-Cart includes a special backend theme that makes it responsive and gives it a modern look. It also gives you the ability to edit the colors of your backend so that you can give your backend a nice look.


Special Caching Addon

Our special caching addon will save your selected blocks as .html in cache. This means that whenever loading this page it will skip the generation of this certain element which results in way faster page loading times and a decrease in server load.

easy e-commerce software

Youtube Videos

Youtube videos have become a big trend, therefore we have created a special addon that allows you to add youtube videos to your product page as a thumbnail. Furthermore it also adds a meta tag to your page so that Google recognizes the Youtube video on your page!

easy e-commerce software

Color Circles

Color Circles allows you to display your selection of colors with ease. The default CS-Cart template will replace the text in the 'buy now' button with 'options'. Our addon however replaces the 'buy now' text with color circles.

easy e-commerce software

Extended variations

Imagine having a product with e.g. multiple sizes. Normally CS-Cart will give this product only 1 URL. Meaning that you will end up with your product name only. This addon however allows you to assign a different URL to each product variation.

easy e-commerce software

GXE Export

GXE Export allows you to export your options (URL, GTIN and Color) as an XML datafeed, meaning that your product (with options) will be listed as multiple products in e.g. Google Shopping.

CS-Cart Features

easy e-commerce software

Ready from the Start

CS-Cart is a “batteries included” solution. Right out of the box, you have all the necessary tools for a rapid start: the checkout system, built-in CMS, flexible product management, etc. Just do some basic setup, add your products, and start selling!

ecommerce storefront software

Eye-Candy Store

CS-Cart ships with a modern, beautifully designed storefront. Use one of the pre-installed design presets or create your own. The built-in theme editor lets you customize the look & feel of your store with no HTML or CSS knowledge required.

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CS-Cart is faster than most e-commerce solutions on the market. PoppedWeb on the other hand still invests a lot in performance and provides dedicated servers that have been perfectly tuned so you can get the best performance for your store!

shopping cart features

Powerful Admin Panel

The admin panel is a true gem. It is crammed with useful e-commerce features: promotion and marketing tools, integrations with major shipping and payment services, etc. Over 50 add-ons are there for you by default.

multi-store ecommerce platform

Multi-Store by Design

Multi-store management has never been easier. You can add as many storefronts as you need. The storefronts can be managed individually, each having its own design, products, and customers, or sharing the same customers or products.

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AJAX Search (Exclusive)

CS-Cart users enjoy super fast and smart product search, provided by us. This service is available as a built-in add-on. It is free for our customers.